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Sep 20 '11, 14:37 through Sep 21 '11, 13:03
0:44:11 time played of 22:25:56 total (dedication: 3.28%)
2,547 (speed: 0:00:01.040832 per turn)
12,330 (efficiency: 4.84 points per turn)
Wizard Elf Male Chaotic
quit on dlvl 4 of Sokoban, having reached dlvl 6, with 51/51 HP and 114 prior deaths
  • Never ate food
  • Never ate animal products
  • Never ate meat
  • Ignored the gods
  • Never hit with a wielded weapon
  • Never killed a monster
  • Never read anything
  • Never polymorphed an object
  • Never polymorphed
  • Never made a wish
  • Never wished for an artifact
  • Never caused genocide
  • Never lay in a foocubus's arms
  • Never entered Hell in human form
  • Never caused conflict
  • Never imbibed alcohol
  • Never used the divine word
  • Never wore armor
  • Never had sight
  • Completed the Quest
  • Entered Gehennom
  • Defeated Vlad
  • Defeated the Wizard of Yendor
  • Performed the Invocation
  • Obtained the Amulet
  • Entered the Planes
  • Reached the Astral Plane
  • Ascended to Demigod(dess)hood
  • Completed the Mines
  • Completed Sokoban
  • Slew Medusa

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sparta21, chaotic male elven Wizard
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Sparta21 the Thaumaturge  St:14 Dx:12 Co:13 In:17 Wi:9 Ch:11  Chaotic S:12330
Dlvl:4  $:3637 HP:51(51) Pw:3(100) AC:9  Xp:8/2038 T:2547 Burdened

Your inventory
  B - a cursed +0 dagger
  w - a cursed -1 orcish dagger
  a - a blessed +1 quarterstaff (weapon in hands)
  b - an uncursed +0 cloak of magic resistance (being worn)
  i - an uncursed banana
  t - 6 uncursed food rations
  F - 4 uncursed rocktails
  s - an uncursed tin of fox meat
  r - 4 uncursed tripe rations
  f - 2 uncursed scrolls of earth named earth
  j - an uncursed scroll of enchant armor
  k - an uncursed scroll of punishment
  m - an uncursed spellbook of detect monsters
  u - an uncursed spellbook of dig
  l - a blessed spellbook of force bolt
  q - an uncursed spellbook of healing
  E - an uncursed spellbook of protection
  C - an uncursed spellbook of restore ability
  g - an uncursed potion of healing
  h - an uncursed potion of water
  I - an uncursed ring of cold resistance
  o - an uncursed ring of hunger
  K - an uncursed ring of memory
  e - an uncursed ring of polymorph
  d - an uncursed ring of shock resistance
  p - an uncursed ring of warning
  D - an uncursed wand of cancellation (0:4)
  c - an uncursed wand of magic missile (0:0)
  H - an uncursed wand of make invisible (0:6)
  x - an uncursed wand of striking (0:0)
  v - an uncursed wand of undead turning (0:5)
  n - an uncursed leather drum
  y - an uncursed skeleton key
  z - an uncursed worthless piece of blue glass
  G - an uncursed worthless piece of yellow glass
  A - an uncursed worthless piece of yellowish brown glass

Final attributes
  You were piously aligned
  Your alignment was  21
  You were sleep resistant
  You were poison resistant
  You were magic-protected
  You had infravision
  You were unlucky (-2)
  You survived after being killed  114 times

Spells known in the end
      Name               Level    Category     Fail
  a - force bolt             1    attack         0%
  b - detect monsters        1    divination     0%
  c - healing                1    healing        0%
  d - dig                    5    matter       100%
  e - restore ability        4    healing      100%
  f - protection             1    clerical       0%

Vanquished creatures
  a shopkeeper
  a giant beetle
  3 wolves
  a dwarf mummy
  a raven
  2 gnome mummies
  4 human zombies
  a rope golem
  a bugbear
  a water nymph
  an orc shaman
  a pony
  a fog cloud
  a shrieker
  a gnome lord
  2 gnomish wizards
  a black naga hatchling
  an elf zombie
  a baby crocodile
  a floating eye
  a dwarf
  a giant bat
  2 Kop Sergeants
  2 iguanas
  12 killer bees
  an acid blob
  4 manes
  a green mold
  a gnome
  5 Keystone Kops
  a gecko
  4 jackals
  a fox
  2 goblins
  a sewer rat
  a grid bug
  8 bats
  2 newts
  77 creatures vanquished.

Voluntary challenges
  You never genocided any monsters
  You never polymorphed an object
  You never changed form
  You used no wishes
  You were celibate
  You never caused conflict
  You never invoked the word of protection
  You wasted 29m 34s of time

Your skills at the end
  Fighting Skills
  Weapon Skills
    quarterstaff       [Skilled]
  Spellcasting Skills
    attack spells      [Skilled]
    enchantment spells [Basic]

Goodbye sparta21 the Wizard...
You quit in Sokoban on dungeon level 4 with 12330 points,
and 3637 pieces of gold, after 2547 moves.
Killer: quit
You were level 8 with a maximum of 51 hit points when you quit.
Since you were in discover mode, the score list will not be checked.