popoi's game of Nov 9 '10, 02:43

killed by a captain

Nov 8 '10, 20:39 through Nov 9 '10, 02:43
4:17:44 time played of 6:03:33 total (dedication: 70.89%)
32,496 (speed: 0:00:00.475873 per turn)
308,484 (efficiency: 9.49 points per turn)
Wizard Human Female Chaotic
death on dlvl 26 of Gehennom, with -9/92 HP and 2 prior deaths
  • Never ate food
  • Never ate animal products
  • Never ate meat
  • Ignored the gods
  • Never hit with a wielded weapon
  • Never killed a monster
  • Never read anything
  • Never polymorphed an object
  • Never polymorphed
  • Never made a wish
  • Never wished for an artifact
  • Never caused genocide
  • Never lay in a foocubus's arms
  • Never entered Hell in human form
  • Never caused conflict
  • Never imbibed alcohol
  • Never used the divine word
  • Never wore armor
  • Never had sight
  • Completed the Quest
  • Entered Gehennom
  • Defeated Vlad
  • Defeated the Wizard of Yendor
  • Performed the Invocation
  • Obtained the Amulet
  • Entered the Planes
  • Reached the Astral Plane
  • Ascended to Demigod(dess)hood
  • Completed the Mines
  • Completed Sokoban
  • Slew Medusa

Dump log

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popoi, chaotic female human Wizard
Latest messages
  The captain hacks you!
  The captain swings his silver saber.
  The captain hacks you!
  You don't have enough energy to cast that spell.
  What do you want to use or apply? [$aefkopstv-x or ?*] 
  Are you really sure you want to break your wand of cold? [yn] (n) 
  Raising your wand of cold high above your head, you break it in two!
  Hether's ghost is caught in the ball of cold!
  The umber hulk is caught in the ball of cold!
  Peter's ghost is caught in the ball of cold!
  The captain is caught in the ball of cold!
  You are caught in the ball of cold!
  The umber hulk claws you!
  The umber hulk claws you!
  The umber hulk bites!
  The captain swings his silver saber.
  The captain hacks you!
  The captain swings his silver saber.
  The captain slashes!
  You die...

  .?.....        WV W W
  --.....--            W
     --%..------ --


Popoi the Enchantress     St:25 Dx:14 Co:17 In:21 Wi:21 Ch:7  Chaotic S:308764
Dlvl:26 $:2808 HP:0(92) Pw:32(176) AC:-9 Xp:14/122548 T:32496 Conf

Your inventory
  r - the blessed Eye of the Aethiopica (being worn)
  l - the uncursed rustproof +1 Magicbane (weapon in hand)
  h - a blessed +2 cloak of magic resistance (being worn)
  d - an uncursed +0 Hawaiian shirt (being worn)
  q - a blessed +3 helm of brilliance (being worn)
  i - an uncursed +0 pair of elven boots (being worn)
  b - an uncursed thoroughly rusty corroded +0 pair of gauntlets of power (being worn)
  g - an uncursed +2 silver dragon scale mail (being worn)
  A - an uncursed tin of xan meat
  B - an uncursed spellbook of protection
  x - an uncursed potion of booze
  u - an uncursed potion of healing
  y - an uncursed potion of monster detection
  n - an uncursed potion of water
  j - an uncursed ring of free action (on right hand)
  z - an uncursed ring of levitation
  m - an uncursed ring of slow digestion (on left hand)
  c - an uncursed ring of warning
  k - a blessed wand of digging (0:5)
  a - an uncursed wand of light (0:10)
  t - an uncursed wand of opening (0:6)
  p - an uncursed wand of sleep (0:4)
  o - an uncursed wand of teleportation (0:0)
  v - an uncursed wand of wishing (1:2)
  w - a blessed greased bag of holding
  s - the uncursed Bell of Opening (0:3)
  f - an uncursed +0 unicorn horn
  e - a blessed luckstone

Contents of the bag of holding:
  an uncursed amulet of magical breathing
  a blessed +2 quarterstaff
  7 uncursed lumps of royal jelly
  an uncursed scroll of fire
  a cursed scroll of genocide
  2 uncursed scrolls of scare monster
  an uncursed scroll of teleportation
  an uncursed spellbook of blank paper
  an uncursed spellbook of cure blindness
  a blessed spellbook of finger of death
  an uncursed spellbook of fireball
  a blessed spellbook of force bolt
  an uncursed spellbook of healing
  an uncursed spellbook of identify
  an uncursed spellbook of levitation
  an uncursed spellbook of light
  an uncursed ring of polymorph control
  an uncursed ring of stealth
  an uncursed wand of create monster (0:10)
  an uncursed wand of create monster (0:11)
  an uncursed wand of magic missile (0:5)
  an uncursed wand of magic missile (0:4)
  an uncursed wand of magic missile (0:5)
  an uncursed wand of sleep (0:1)
  an uncursed wand of striking (0:5)
  an uncursed wand of striking (0:7)
  a blessed crystal ball (0:2)
  an uncursed magic marker (1:6)

Final attributes
  You were the Glory of Arioch
  You were piously aligned
  Your alignment was  172
  You were fire resistant
  You were cold resistant
  You were sleep resistant
  You were shock resistant
  You were poison resistant
  You were magic-protected
  You were confused
  You saw invisible
  You were telepathic
  You were stealthy
  You had slower digestion
  You were fast
  You had reflection
  You had free action
  You were extremely lucky (13)
  You had extra luck
  Good luck did not time out for you
  You are dead  (2nd time!)

Spells known in the end
      Name               Level    Category     Fail
  a - force bolt             1    attack         3%
  b - healing                1    healing        3%
  c - jumping                1*   escape         3%
  d - stone to flesh         3*   healing       67%
  e - cause fear             3*   enchantment    3%
  f - extra healing          3*   healing       67%
  g - drain life             2*   attack         3%
  h - identify               3    divination     3%
  i - fireball               4    attack         3%
  j - finger of death        7    attack        54%
  k - light                  1    divination     3%
  l - detect monsters        1    divination     3%
  m - cure blindness         2    healing        3%
  n - protection             1    clerical       3%

Vanquished creatures
  4 iron golems
  a gray dragon
  2 red dragons
  a white dragon
  an orange dragon
  a black dragon
  2 green dragons
  a jabberwock
  The Dark One
  a baluchitherium
  a stone golem
  a baby blue dragon
  a baby yellow dragon
  a disenchanter
  a lich
  3 water trolls
  a nurse
  an ice devil
  a golden naga
  a black pudding
  a vampire
  2 lieutenants
  8 ghosts
  2 queen bees
  a giant mimic
  a zruty
  2 fire giants
  3 ice trolls
  3 rock trolls
  3 umber hulks
  a doppelganger
  3 long worms
  a couatl
  5 stalkers
  2 fire elementals
  an earth elemental
  a water elemental
  a hill giant
  3 black nagas
  6 xorns
  2 giant zombies
  5 sergeants
  9 wargs
  a winter wolf
  a warhorse
  4 quantum mechanics
  4 trolls
  2 wood golems
  a gelatinous cube
  a pyrolisk
  a large dog
  3 freezing spheres
  3 flaming spheres
  a shocking sphere
  a large cat
  3 gargoyles
  10 tengu
  2 ochre jellies
  3 leocrottas
  3 mountain centaurs
  a stone giant
  3 elf mummies
  3 human mummies
  2 pit vipers
  a python
  4 wraiths
  2 carnivorous apes
  an ettin zombie
  a leather golem
  a Grey-elf
  38 soldiers
  2 horned devils
  2 succubi
  2 incubi
  7 chameleons
  2 crocodiles
  2 giant beetles
  2 quivering blobs
  8 cockatrices
  11 wolves
  4 winter wolf cubs
  5 lynxes
  a spotted jelly
  34 leprechauns
  an orc-captain
  2 iron piercers
  2 giant spiders
  2 scorpions
  2 horses
  an ice vortex
  3 black lights
  48 vampire bats
  2 gnome kings
  2 orc mummies
  a dwarf mummy
  a brown pudding
  5 rust monsters
  3 owlbears
  2 yetis
  2 werewolves
  a Green-elf
  a giant eel
  3 lizards
  2 chickatrices
  a dog
  a dingo
  a housecat
  a jaguar
  3 dwarf lords
  a gray unicorn
  4 dust vortices
  13 ravens
  5 plains centaurs
  4 snakes
  3 water moccasins
  7 apes
  2 human zombies
  a rope golem
  a Woodland-elf
  2 soldier ants
  10 bugbears
  2 imps
  a lemure
  7 quasits
  a water nymph
  3 mountain nymphs
  6 Mordor orcs
  6 Uruk-hai
  2 orc shamans
  2 rock piercers
  8 rock moles
  a woodchuck
  2 ponies
  7 fog clouds
  9 yellow lights
  a shrieker
  4 gnome lords
  3 gnomish wizards
  a black naga hatchling
  a guardian naga hatchling
  2 gray oozes
  3 barrow wights
  a ghoul
  a straw golem
  2 paper golems
  2 jellyfish
  a baby crocodile
  10 giant ants
  3 little dogs
  4 floating eyes
  a kitten
  9 dwarves
  4 homunculi
  2 kobold lords
  3 kobold shamans
  13 hill orcs
  15 rothes
  2 rabid rats
  12 giant bats
  2 monkeys
  an orc zombie
  5 dwarf zombies
  3 wererats
  7 iguanas
  64 killer bees
  an acid blob
  2 coyotes
  3 gas spores
  a hobbit
  20 manes
  a large kobold
  6 hobgoblins
  7 giant rats
  6 cave spiders
  a green mold
  18 gnomes
  a gnome zombie
  5 geckos
  3 jackals
  a fox
  a kobold
  5 goblins
  5 sewer rats
  7 grid bugs
  3 bats
  7 lichens
  3 kobold zombies
  8 newts
  777 creatures vanquished.

Voluntary challenges
  You never genocided any monsters
  You never polymorphed an object
  You never changed form
  You used 3 wishes
  You did not wish for any artifacts
  You never caused conflict
  You wasted 4h 3m 38s of time

Your skills at the end
  Fighting Skills
  Weapon Skills
    dagger             [Skilled]
    quarterstaff       [Expert]
  Spellcasting Skills
    attack spells      [Expert]
    divination spells  [Skilled]
    enchantment spells [Basic]

Goodbye popoi the Wizard...
You died in Gehennom on dungeon level 26 with 308484 points,
and 2808 pieces of gold, after 32496 moves.
Killer: captain
You were level 14 with a maximum of 92 hit points when you died.

You made the top ten list!

 No  Points     Name                                                   Hp [max]
  1    4842160  ultrabill-Bar-Hum-Mal-Neu ascended to demigod-hood.   316 [328]
  2    4706570  Eevee-Wiz-Elf-Fem-Cha ascended to demigoddess-hood.   122 [153]
  3    2732892  Chibimon-Tou-Hum-Mal-Neu ascended to demigod-hood.    260 [260]
  4    2684710  Chibimon-Sam-Hum-Fem-Law ascended to
                demigoddess-hood.                                      84 [100]
  5    1761112  ultrabill-Wiz-Elf-Mal-Cha died on the Astral Plane. 
                Killed by a priestess of Ptah, while praying (with
                the Amulet).                                            - [185]
  6    1159374  popoi-Wiz-Hum-Fem-Cha died in Gehennom on level 40
                [max 47].  Killed by brainlessness.                   184 [213]
* 7     308484  popoi-Wiz-Hum-Fem-Cha died in Gehennom on level 26.            
                Killed by a captain.                                    -  [92]
  8     156288  ultrabill-Wiz-Elf-Mal-Cha died in The Dungeons of
                Doom on level 11 [max 13].  Killed by a soldier ant,
                while reading a book.                                   - [108]
  9     137745  doc-Val-Hum-Fem-Law turned to stone in The Dungeons
                of Doom on level 19.  Petrified by a cockatrice
                corpse.                                               119 [119]
 10      68767  Papaya-Val-Hum-Fem-Law died in The Dungeons of Doom
                on level 11.  Killed by a winged gargoyle, while
                sleeping off a magical draught.                         - [117]